Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

What is activity-based dog boarding? At traditional kennels, your dog will be given food, water and shelter but all too often he will receive little in the way of individual attention and only minimal amounts of exercise. But at Camp Woof we have a program for your dog that will divert his attention from missing you and give him exercise and fun. From two half-mile walks every day and more time in our enclosed doggy playground to plenty of petting and personal attention, your dog will not be bored and lonely at Camp Woof.

Lets face it, most dogs are unhappy when they are boarded and their owners are away. Some will even stop eating and begin chewing themselves. This behavior is a product of separation anxiety and the best cure is exercise and human interaction. At Camp Woof, play and exercise aren’t add-ons, they are the core of our program. The other key to Camp Woof is our small size, our capacity is only 12 dogs. The small size means lots of personal attention for each dog.  What we do is not possible in the large facilities. Dogs love the program at Camp Woof and it costs no more than comparable traditional kennels, see rates here.

Please take a few minutes now to explore our website and learn about Camp Woof. Start with the links to the left to learn about our program, check out Q & A for lots of details or jump to the Photo Tour to see Camp Woof for yourself. We serve north Columbus, all of Delaware County and beyond. We are located 10 minutes from Delaware and 20 minutes from Polaris. We welcome your visit. Read over this site then call or email if you have any questions or to arrange your dogs stay with us! Also check out our Relationship Training.

Kittens at Camp Woof?

A sweet young cat, basically still a kitten herself, was dumped at Camp Woof in early July, obviously because she was pregnant. We took her in and she had six gorgeous healthy kittens. Three are already placed even though they will not be ready to go to new homes until mid Sept. The other three are pictured here. Call us if interested!

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio