Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

Photo Tour - “The Bunkhouse”

The bunkhouse is well-insulated, paneled, heated with propane and air conditioned. The runs, inside and out, have been upgraded since these photos were taken. The new runs are higher-grade, and black in color.

The indoor portion of the runs are 4x4 ft. The lower part of the panel is solid to provide privacy. We have plenty of blankets and bedding at Camp Woof, but you are welcome to bring your own.

The outdoor portion of the runs are 4x10 ft and have cement floors.

The roof overhangs the runs to provide a “porch” with shade.

Our runs are not ordinary chain link which has sharp edges. It is high tensile welded wire with all joins on the inside - no sharp edges.

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio