Boarding Agreement

Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”


The Camp Woof boarding policies are described fully in the boarding agreement. The agreement is available for you to read here on the site and when you register we will email or regular mail a copy to you to complete and bring with you when you arrive. When you register you will also be asked to complete a get-acquainted questionaire on your dog. This will help us to learn his individual needs and preferences and provide a happier stay for him. A few key points to remember include:

1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered if 6 months old or older.
2. Dogs must be at least 4 months old at the time of boarding.
3. All dogs must be current on vaccinations including bordatella and be on heartworm prevention. A certificate from your vet is required unless we are able to call the veterinary office and verify. This is for the protection of all dogs and there are no exceptions. New changes in vaccination protocols have resulted in many vets recommending dogs be vaccinated less than annually. We will accept whatever your veterinarian recommends.
4. Dogs must be free of fleas, worms and other parasites.
5. It will be your responsibility to tell us if there is anything about your dog’s health or behavior that we should know. This will be part of the questionaire.
6. Bookings more than 2 weeks in advance may require a deposit if you are not an established client. Otherwise full payment by cash or check is due at the time your dog arrives.

Check-in, Check-out, Rates and Cancellation

1. Check-in time is anytime after 8am although we can accept a dog earlier if need be. Check-in time is with an appointment. We are flexible about when appointments are set but we do need to know when to expect you.
2. Check-out is between 8am and 9 pm, there is flexibility for unexpected delays. An appointment for pick-up may be left tentative and within a range to accommodate uncertainty in your travel. We do ask that you keep is informed as to planned pick-up time as it draws near.
3. Both check-in and check-out days count as boarding days for fee assessment. The exception is if your dog is picked up by 9am allowing the space to be planned and used for another dog that day. For more detail on pricing policy
click here.
4. We recognize that cancellations may be necessary at times, but we ask that you confirm a reservation only when you fully intend to use it. We hate to upset the plans of another family by turning them away only to find later that we could have accommodated them due to a late cancellation. We ask that you not make a reservation at Camp Woof merely to “hold” it while you review other options. Such cancellations will result in your being placed on a pre-pay basis with no cancellation option.

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio