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“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

Pricing Policy

Rates at boarding kennels can be hard to compare. Most have a base rate that might include a couple brief exercise periods where dogs are put out in a small yard for awhile. Anything beyond that like real walks are billed seperately at two or three dollars each. Not at Camp Woof. We could never walk past a dog and say, “sorry, you don’t get a walk because your owner didn’t pay extra for it.” EVERY dog at Camp Woof gets at least three extensive exercise/play periods in our large fenced compounds that have large balls and other toys and even agility equipment. But that’s not all. EVERY dog also gets TWO long walks, one of which is a full half mile, every day. Plus, there are no extra charges for feeding special diets or giving medications. Consider these important differences when you compare what your dog’s experience will really be like at various kennels. We think you’ll conclude that Camp Woof is not just the best, it’s the best value!

Unlike hotels, we charge by the day rather than by the night. Most boarding kennels charge for every day that the dog is present for any part of the day. Camp Woof is more flexible in order to meet your needs. We realize that often you return home late and it is easier to pick up the dog the next morning. If a dog is picked up by 9am, there is no charge for that day. If pickup is after 9 but before 12, there will be a half-day charge. After noon a full day charge applies.

Some clients wonder why we don’t charge by the night. The answer is because we believe the value at Camp Woof lies in the time and excercise and play and individual attention we give your dog, all of which happen during the day. If a dog comes Friday morning and leaves Sunday evening, we invest three days of time and effort into his care, even though he sleeps here only two nights.

If you have any questions about our charges or policy please feel free to call.


Effective October 1, 2016:

The flat rate for all dogs is $25 per day. This includes all walks and services described elsewhere on the site including giving basic medications. Some special services such as injectable medications and transportation will be charged extra.


We ask that reservations be made only when you are certain of your dog’s stay with us, not to hold dates. Cancellations 21 days in advance of the arrival date are fully refundable. Closer than 21 days, you will not be billed for any days we are able to fill with another dog. However, a small kennel cannot bear the losss of late cancellations and therefore, any days we are unable to fill from a late cancellations will be billed.

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio