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activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

The Program

The important thing to keep in mind is that at Camp Woof, we have a “program” not a warehouse or a jail for dogs. Your dog will need his individual space for privacy and security and that’s what the runs at the “bunkhouse” are for. But the main thing that sets Camp Woof apart from the others is the mental and physical activity we give your dog throughout each day. Each dog that is with us for a full day will have two walks, one of which is a half-mile hike, plus multiple other play periods in one of our fenced yards. Note that these are one-to-one with a qualified person, not just a group of dogs turned loose in a yard to just hang out. This is possible because of our small size and very low dog to staff ratio. Large facilities cannot possibly offer such individual attention even when they charge extra for it. The degree of activity will vary from dog to dog based on age, condition and general health. We will consult with you to agree upon an individual program for your dog. At Camp Woof, we build the day around a dog’s natural pattern of activity-rest-activity-rest. Our clients say they can immediately see a difference in their dog’s mood and attitude when he leaves Camp Woof compared to when he left other kennels.

Walks - Hiking around the low-traffic country roads near Camp Woof (see below) is the best combination of exercise and personal attention for your dog. Each dog will get 2 walks each day except in the most severe weather. And this is one walker and one dog not a “pack walk.” Let us know if your dog has any physical limitations that will prevent this.

Dog-Dog Play - We allow dogs to play with each other at Camp Woof, but only after we have determined they are friendly with each other and only if their owners have given their permission for this kind of interaction. Playing with new friends is great fun and great exercise!

Grooming - We do not offer grooming as a service but dogs love to be brushed and petted and we do this with each dog every day. This physical touching helps the dog to be more comfortable with his environment as well.

Playground - Camp Woof has two large fenced dog areas, both stocked with all kinds of toys including large balls and chase toys is for fun and exercise! Each dog will have multiple extended play/exercise periods each day.

Training - Training is not a part of our activity-based boarding program, but we recognize that most dogs are more comfortable when they have tasks to perform and receive rewards. Therefore we do just light training exercises such as sits and downs so your dog can earn treats. If you are working with your dog on certain training issues let us know and we will continue your work in those areas while he is with us.

All the above is included in the daily rate. When comparing kennel rates, consider what your dog is actually getting, besides a bit of space. The activities above are primarily one-on-one. Providing individual time is expensive. Large kennels pay staff by the hour - how much time do you really think is given to each dog every day? The latest trend is supposed dog-dog interaction. Let the dogs interact with each other. This is fine, to an extent, but it is human attention and interaction most dogs crave most, not sofas and TVs. Dog-dog play is cheaper to provide, especially when it is done in large groups with only one person supervising. At Camp Woof our dog-dog play is in 2s or 3s and is never used as a cheap substitute for human attention. And yet, our rates are comparable or even lower than ordinary kennels especially when you consider we do not charge $2 here and $3 there for extras that shouldn’t be extra..

We are sure your dog will love the program at Camp Woof and that you will have peace of mind in leaving him here. Explore the rest of the site and give us a call with any questions, to arrange a visit or to make your reservation.

 Now! Relationship Training - Beyond the activity-based boarding program, Camp Woof now offers a new program called “Relationship Training.” This is not a multi-dog class but rather a highly individualized approach to assessing the dynamics of the relationship between the dog and other family members and getting to the root of problems you may be having. Click here for more info.


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