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What’s a Day Like at Camp Woof?

At Camp Woof your dog will not be isolated in an institutional style pen by himslef all day. No matter how fancy these pens might be with TVs or whatever, to your dog they are still a jail cell. At Camp Woof we follow the dog’s natural pattern of activity-rest-activity-rest. Several times a day dog’s are exercised well in large enclosed areas. In addition to that, each dog gets two walks every day, each a full half-mile. In between there is personal attention and petting. This combination of human interaction and physical exercise is the absolute best environment for your dog if he cannot be with you.

What are the rates at Camp Woof?

The new rate is based on the length of stay - the longer your dog is with us, the lower the per day rate. Stays of three days and under are $25 per day, 5 days and over stays are $22 for each day. There are also discounts for additional dogs from the same family. We keep costs down by not accepting credit cards but welcome your personal check as well as cash. Read the information on this site then call when you are ready to confirm a reservation. Camp Woof donates $1 for every day for each dog to various nonprofit breed rescue organizations, shelters and humane education efforts. So we can move closer to a world with no more homeless pets.

What does this include? Are there extras?

There are no extra charges at Camp Woof. The low daily rate covers everything your dog will need and the full program described on this site. Even if your dog requires medication (except injectables), no extra charges! Note that unlike a hotel where stays are by the night and check-in time is 2pm, kennels go by the day.

Can my dog “check-in” at anytime?

Not quite anytime but we really are flexible. We are available for drop-offs and pick-ups from 8am to 6pm every day. However, we do these drop-offs and pick-ups by appointment. When you make your reservation you will be asked to specify drop-off and pick-up time and if you are uncertain, to choose a time as a placeholder which you may change later. We will send you a confirming email for you to keep. It will show the times, and if we don’t hear from you to make changes (which are welcome) we will expect you at the confirmed times. We very much appreciate promptness on these times, and as much advance notice as possible when they must be changed.

What are dogs fed?

We feed a high quality lamb and rice meal. We feed dogs twice a day according to your instructions. If you wish to bring your dog’s regular food you are welcome to do so. This has advantages because a change in diet can add to stress, but feeding is included in the standard rate. We also give dog biscuits as treats, but if you wish to bring other treats for your dog you may.

Do I need to bring anything with my dog?

We provide everything including toys and bedding but if you think your dog would be more comfortable with his own blanket or toys you are welcome to bring them. You should bring your dog’s collar and ID and of course the required veterinary record. On the registration page you will find a list of things to bring on arrival day. We will also send you this list when you register.

What vaccinations are required?

Dogs coming to Camp Woof must be current on rabies, DHLPP and bordatella. This requirement is for the safety of all our canine friends. “Current” means whatever is prescribed by your veterinarian. Dogs must also have a current heartworm test and be on heartworm prevention during appropriate months. Dogs must also be free of fleas and all parasites. All of these conditions are stipulated in the boarding agreement.

What kind of space will my dog be housed in?

Each dog is in a private indoor/outdoor run with a dog door between. The outdoor portion is 4 x 10 feet partially roofed and the indoor portion is 4 x 4. The indoor sleeping area is elevated with a wood floor. The floor is covered with a heavy mat on which is bedding. The runs are made of secure welded wire rather than chain link which can have sharp edges. The indoor sidewalls are solid panels for privacy and security. The “bunkhouse” at Camp Woof is new, heavily insulated, well-lighted and heated and air conditioned. We even have music!

My dog is no athlete, can he handle Camp Woof?

Not to worry! We adjust the activity level for each dog after consultation with you. The goal is to give your dog some physical and mental activity to reduce his separation anxiety, not to wear him out. Older dogs and dogs with medical conditions can still benefit from exercise. We will work with you and with your veterinarian if necessary to agree on an individual program for your dog. Many people find that when their dog leaves Camp Woof, he is well on the way toward a good exercise and weight loss program - keep it up when he goes home!

How big is Camp Woof?

We only have 12 runs to ensure plenty of personal attention for each individual. Most boarding kennels have 50 or even 100 dogs in a warehouse atmosphere. This means your dog will be cared for by hired help, never as good. A program like ours is impossible to conduct with a large number of dogs. As for the Camp Woof environs, we are in the country with trees and fresh air. Camp Woof has 2 large fenced enclosures for dogs and miles of low-traffic country roads where we take dogs on hikes (always on lead of course).

Can I visit Camp Woof before registering?

Of course! We welcome and encourage visits, just call to arrange a time.

Will my dog be left alone for long periods?

Never. Camp Woof is at our home and we are on site every day and every night. The whole program at Camp Woof is based on NOT leaving your dog locked up like jail waiting for your return. Even when he is in the bunkhouse he will be regularly checked on. Dogs are secured in the inside area from bedtime till around 6 am when morning exercise and feeding begins.

What if my dog needs medical attention?

We have several veterinarians on 24 hr. call. Your boarding agreement will give us permission to provide your dog with any medical attention in the unlikely event the need should arise. If your dog needs to be given medication (except injectables) while he is here, we will do that and at no extra charge.

Can I check on him while I’m away?

Yes! In fact we encourage that. You may call or email AND if you tell us you will have internet access while you are away we will email you pictures of your dog regularly at no extra cost.

Will my dog get any training?

The Camp Woof boarding program does not include training as a service but we do work with dogs on basics such as walking on lead and general canine good citizenship. We also now offer a program apart from the boarding program called “Relationship Training.” Check under the Training button for more info.

Who owns and operates Camp Woof?

Nancy and Lynn Brant have 50 years of combined experience in a wide variety of doggy endeavors.
Click here to read more about the Camp Woof hosts. We also have several well-qualified “camp counselors” who play with dogs and walk them.. With our small size and 12 dog maximum this means we have a dog to staff ratio of 6 to 1 or lower. We have seen much higher priced kennels boast of ratios of 15 to 1.

Do you have client testimonials?

We get a great deal of positive feedback from our clients (both human and canine). Unfortunately, only the humans can write and tell us what they think, so here are a few of those letters if you’d like to read them. Click here

My dog loved Camp Woof and I want to help spread the word!

Referrals from happy campers are very much appreciated. We will be happy to give you business cards for your friends who own dogs, and we think they would appreciate you emailing them a link to this site. A comment to your veterinarian about your dog’s experience with us is also very helpful. Thanks and we look forward to having your dog back at Camp Woof!

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