Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”


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You can inquire about availability for your dog’s stay at Camp Woof either by email or by phone. The email address is and the phone number is 740-747-8600. New clients inquiring about availability will then need to call to confirm a reservation. Past clients can complete the reservation by email.

Registration Steps:
1. Call or email regarding availability and with any questions.

2. To confirm a reservation we will ask for your planned drop-off and pick-up times. If you are uncertain you can estimate and you can advise us of changes later. Note that an inquiry about availability is not a reservation. You do not have a reservation unless you have a confirmation email. For first time clients only, we require a visit with your dog. Also for first time clients only, we ask for a 50% deposit. Most new clients come for a visit and if the are ready to book, pay the deposit at that time.

3. You will receive a confirming email. IMPORTANT: if you do not receive a confirming email within three days there is a problem and you should contact us immediately. Your confirming email is like your “receipt.”

4. Read your confirming email carefully and keep it for your records. Let us know asap if there are changes.

Remember that before your dog checks in we will need a certification from your veterinarian that he is current on all vaccinations including bordatella and is on heartworm prevention in season. We will also need to verify that he is parasite free. You may provide either written documentation or we can call your vet to verify.

Your dog is welcome at Camp Woof whether for a week or longer. However, because we are small by design with a capacity of only 12 runs, Camp Woof will fill quickly. It is advisable to make your plans and secure your reservation as soon as possible. If you have other questions that are not covered on the Q&A page please email or give us a call. We welcome your visit to Camp Woof, just call for an appointment.

Things to Bring on Arrival Day:

1. Your dog’s buckle collar and ID tags

2. A supply of his regular food if you wish. Food is included in the daily rate but switching foods can add stress so keeping the dog on his regular food can be advisable. Some kennels charge extra for feeding your own food since it is more work for them, but we do not.

3. His regular bed or blanket if you wish. Bedding is provided but you are welcome to bring your own

4. Toys and chews. We have a wide range of toys but if you think your dog would be more comfortable with his own you may bring them. Make sure these are things he may have with him overnight and not things he might choke on.

5. Payment - cash is welcome and we accept local personal checks. We are not set up to accept plastic.

6. Documentation from your vet showing current vaccinations and parasite and heartworm status. Alternative is if your vet has agreed to provide that information to us by phone.

7. Any medications your dog is on. Note we give these at no additional charge unlike other kennels.

8. Your completed and signed Boarding Agreement and Questionaire if not already submitted. If you can think of anything else we should know about your dog, feel free to use the back of the questionaire.

9. Contact information on how you can be reached while away if possible in case of emergency. If you cannot be contacted you should give us another individual to contact in your absence.

10. Any other information or instructions you feel we should know about your dog.

Directions to Camp Woof - Click Here

Departure Day

You may pick your dog up anytime between 8 am and 6 pm. If he is picked up in the morning before 9 am there is no charge for the departing day. If pick-up is after 9 but before noon a half-day charge applies. Please let us know what time you plan to arrive and update us if that changes. We want to have your dog ready to go and any of his belongings packed.

You may notice when you get home that your dog is tired and wants to sleep. Don’t be surprised! We want dogs to leave Camp Woof tired but happy. Also at departure we will update you on anything of interest behaviorwise or otherwise we noticed while your dog was with us. We’ll explain any basic training we did and update you on progress with any training you asked us to work on. If you may be interested in our Relationship Training program we can explain it fully.

We also very much appreciate you telling your friends about Camp Woof! No advertising or promotion is as powerful as the testimony of a satisfied friend. We’ll be happy to give you some of our business cards to pass out if you’d like to help spread the word. You might even consider a Camp Woof T-shirt or Sweatshirt. They are high quality, totally cute and available to you at cost.

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio