Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

Client Testimonials

I felt guilty about boarding Dallas, we had never left him before. But he seemed to really enjoy his stay at Camp Woof, and when he came home he slept for hours he was so tired. We won’t feel at all guilty next time.      - M.L., Dublin

We used to enjoy our vacation a little less knowing that Bailey was in a boarding kennel, but at Camp Woof it seemed like she had a vacation as much as we did. She was her happy usual self when we picked her up.    - R.D., Worthington

When I picked Rudy up at Camp Woof he was very glad to see me and jumped up enthusiastically. But then he just trotted back into his run as if to tell me he’d like a few extra days at camp! There is no doubt that dogs have fun at Camp Woof.       -W.A., Delaware

I knew my young dog wasn’t getting enough socialization with other dogs but his stay at Camp Woof really helped him. He used to be shy around dogs we met on walks but now he is outgoing and friendly with them all.     -P.K., Lewis Center (note from Camp Woof: while we can’t promise that a stay here will help a dog with shyness or aggression toward other dogs, it is often true that new experiences in new environments build self-confidence in dogs that are perhaps over-protected and insulated at home.)

Thanks for working with my vet when Roscoe needed medication while at Camp Woof, and all at no extra charge! Camp Woof is a godsend and a bargain, too.     -E.S., Delaware

I’m so glad Camp Woof is available. Both our dogs really enjoy their stays with you!                       -A.N., Columbus

I know our guys think of Camp Woof as a home away from home and we feel the same way. Thanks for the personal care and fun you give them.   -B.P., Dublin

I can’t believe how much better Sam is now that he went through your training program. He seems much less nervous now and I think he enjoys figuring out what I want him to do and doing it for me. Classes never accomplished that. How cool!   - T.H., Columbus

Seeing as how our two dogs are quite spoiled and receive daily doses of love, we were reluctant to board them anywhere but a close friend's or relative's home. When we exhausted our resources for places for these two to stay, we gave in and decided to board them. Though, much to our surprise, after our dogs' visit, they were the happiest dogs ever! We couldn't have been more pleased with the amount of attention and love they received during their stay. In fact, I was a little worried that they DIDN'T want to leave Camp Woof!! We will definitely consider Camp Woof as an option for our dogs in the future!     -J.P., Worthington

There are other places that I'd trust with my babies, but no other place that I know they'd have a good time too - thanks for being the best!
H.Z., Columbus

Our 2 pooches were so exhausted that they collapsed on their beds within a ½ hour of being home! Thanks for sending them home tired – they must have had a wonderful weekend at Camp Woof!
C.L., Dublin

Other places talk about play periods and even charge extra for them, but Camp Woof is the only place that gives dog’s one-on-one long walks twice each day. I know this is so because everytime I come to Camp Woof I see someone walking a happy dog down the country road.
D.R., Delaware

The only bad thing about Camp Woof is that you fill up so early! But that goes with being small enough to do it right, and very popular. So, since we’re planning a trip in a few months, I want to check with you now because we will plan our trip around whenever our dogs can come to Camp Woof. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending them anywhere else.
J.N. Powell


                       We welcome your letters or emails about your dog’s stay with us and                           any suggestions on how Camp Woof can be even better!

Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio