Camp Woof

activity-based dog boarding

“we board dogs but we have no bored dogs”

Relationship Training

We’ve been offering one-on-one training at Camp Woof since we opened over ten years ago. It is based on scientific methods and positive leadership. But above all, it is based on a dog owner’s willingness to see the world of their dog through the dog’s eyes, to the extent that is possible.

If you would like to explore training for your dog, feel free to talk with us. We no longer offer specific courses or programs, we operate on a strictly customized basis, giving you and charging you for, what you and your dog need and nothing more. If you coordinate a training effort with your dog’s planned boarding stay at Camp Woof, it will give you some savings. Most of the training however, will be done in your home, where both you and the dog will be the learners.


Camp Woof
Delaware, Ohio